Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Whole 30 (Day 8)

Today sucked!

I mean, it really sucked.  I want to eat my Paleoish cookies so bad.  I just want a spoonful of honey.  I really want to eat some rice.  I just felt hungry all day today and I ate more than I usually eat.  Check it out:

Breakfast:  3 boiled eggs, avocado and tomato

Snack:  Peach

Lunch:  Chicken Strips (homemade, Whole 30 approved), sweet potato and avocado

Dinner:  Lamb, sweet potato and avocado

Snack: Strawberries and a Watermelon and Kale Smoothie

I just felt out of it today.  I didn't feel like doing anything.  My energy kept spiking.  One moment I was full of energy and the next I was dozing off to sleep.  I know I need to see the endocrinologist because although my labs are in the normal range, I noticed that my numbers were increasing, which is odd.  I haven't picked an endocrinologist because I am very afraid a new one won't agree with me taking T4 and T3.  I refuse to go back to what I was doing before, so I am a bit apprehensive.

That's about it for day 8.  It sucked!  I felt so hypo that it wasn't even funny.  Hopefully, the hypo clouds aren't moving in and this was just a bad day.

Breathe and Listen

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