Monday, July 15, 2013

There are Idiots Among Us!

My family and I moved to California from North Carolina about 2 months ago.  Of course, when one moves he or she has to find new doctors and that is what I attempted to do today.  Unfortunately, the doctor I met today was an idiot.

She was a very nice lady.  I actually commented on how lovely her engagement ring was; however, after hearing her talk for about 20 minutes, I wondered who the lost soul was that planned to marry such an idiot. I won't even go through the trouble of giving her an initial, she will always be referred to as "The Idiot".

At the appointment, we went through the regular small talk about why I was there and what it was that I needed.  I told her that I needed a few referrals with one being to see an Endocrinologist.  First, let me point out that I'm not very fond of Endocrinologist either, but I've been up and down in weight, my menses (sorry guys) are off, and I really feel hyper sometimes because my heart sometimes races. I'm quite afraid of going to the Endocrinologist because I don't want some smarty pants to take me off my T3, but I also hope to meet someone who will agree to give me a prescription for natural dissected thyroid medication. Okay, back to The Idiot.  She looks at me and says, "you don't need an Endocrinologist to monitor your thyroid. We can do that here.  It's really quite simple.  We just check your levels from time to time and adjust your medication". I think it was the word simple that pissed me off because this has been nothing but simple.  I say to her, "I don't have a thyroid".  She then lights up like a Christmas Tree and tells me that, "that's even better. It's easier to monitor you when you don't have a thyroid. You just have to call us if you think it's growing back".  At that point, I sternly told her that I wanted the referral to an Endocrinologist and when she looked as if she was going to protest, I told her that I was more comfortable with a specialist.  I shut down after that and I could tell she felt that I was done with her and truthfully I was.  I know that I will never see The Idiot again.

There are 2 things that stood out to me.  First, she never asked why I had my thyroid removed, yet she thinks it is easy to manage. Secondly, I asked The Idiot for clarity on a problem I have been having with my lymph and neutrophil blood work and The Idiot says to me that the numbers suggest cancer or leukemia right in front of my children.  I could have slapped her, but one must never be mean to Idiots because they know not what they do.  It just makes me frightened for all those who just sit back and listen to idiots like her and never find relief from this whole thyroid crap.

By the way, I go to see the Hematologist on Wednesday.  I have been really stressed about this appointment, but I also feel like I am about to get some answers. Until next time...

Breathe and Listen

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